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Hi! My name is Vicky and with my Partner Jonny we breed Genuine Authentic Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles in our cottage based on the Surrey Kent border.


My name is Vicky and with my Partner Jonny we breed Genuine Authentic Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles in our cottage based on the Surrey Kent border. We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of National Trust Woodland, the

perfect place to have a dog. The breed in our opinion is amazing! They are very clever, funny, loving and a great all round addition to our family.

We had our first litter in 2014 and fell in love with the whole process. We take great pride in ensuring every puppy is brought up the best way possible for those important first 8 weeks. Subjected to everyday noises and hopefully to most household situations. This can only make the transition from us to their new forever homes as smooth as possible.


We are “Home Hobby Breeders”, which means we occasionally have one litter a year. All puppies are born and raised within our home. The lounge is cleared of furniture leaving just the TV and sofa! A large PVC Whelping Box supplied by TEKPLAS is then erected. After two weeks the whelping box has the large “Penn” attached with a designated toilet training area using artificial grass. From the moment the puppies are born, Jonny and I sleep alternate nights on the sofa for 8 weeks to ensure both Flora and the puppies are safe. Once the puppies are weaned and become less dependent on mum, we ensure they are fed at specific times through the night and ensure they have fresh water. After feeding comes Toilet, this is immediately picked up and disposed of. The grass is changed and cleaned regularly throughout the day as is the rest of the run to ensure hygiene is a high priority. We have numerous supplies of vet bed matting and small dog beds which are also changed daily. We feel that by ensuring the puppies are brought up in a clean and safe environment this will give them the best start in life.


By creating a toilet area within the penn, we train the puppies to recognise the artificial grass as the correct place to toilet. From four weeks, weather dependant, puppies then have playtime in our large outside penn within our garden. This is also artificial grass so they instantly recognise this is ok to toilet on. When back inside they actually try to not to toilet on the grass in the penn as they associate toilet with the outside run!

We do not ESN (Early Spay/Neuter) our puppies as we believe they should be allowed to develop naturally. There is no medical evidence to suggest this is of any benefit to the puppy. We do however issue Spay/Neuter contracts when you collect your puppy from us.

We offer continued help and support throughout your puppy’s life if you so wish. We also arrange puppy meets where you can exchange stories and tips with your Pup’s Doodle Mumma & Puppa! It starts with a walk and finishes with a drink in our local country pub! Please take your time to carefully read the information on our website, this will hopefully show you we are the breeder for you!



We are very thorough with the whole breeding process. All of our dogs have all the required health tests and can be viewed upon request.


We carefully choose the best stud dog which we feel will suit our girls and hopefully produce the healthiest and best looking puppies. Size, confirmation, coat and temperament are all considered. We only ever breed within the breed, this means the generation is as pure as possible and you can be confident you are buying a real Pure Breed Australian Labradoodle.

These are a set of questions which tells us whether your home and work life are suitable for a Puppy to ensure they are going to the best homes possible! If your form satisfies our requirements, a non-refundable, 10% deposit is requested to secure your Puppy. We then ensure you are sent regular updates on how your puppy is developing as we understand this is a very exciting time for you all!



Sukki, born March 2011. Our first Australian Labradoodle. She was a fantastic mother and took to it so naturally. Long retired now and living her best life with us!

Dolly, born April 2015, Daughter of Sukki. A cheeky monkey that loved playing with her pups. Also retired and chilling with her mumma!

Flora, born January 2021. Our Tuxedo Red, with white Bib, Paws and Tail Tip. She measures 18 inches to the shoulder. One of the gang. Our Clever Clown. Un-related to Sukki and Dolly but just as perfect!


Flora was the most amazing and attentive mum which meant we had little intervention, unbelievable for a first time, mum!

The "Lucky Stud", was the very handsome Rafferty, also a red and white Tuxedo, imported from Prairie Doodles, Canada. A new and exciting bloodline to this country. He also measures 18 inches to the shoulder which meant fully grown puppies were classed as medium, the same size as mum and dad.

The litter was a fantastic mix of Red and white Tuxedos and Parti's, White with red markings.

All puppies were sold vet checked, micro-chipped, first vaccination and wormed at 3, 5 and 8 weeks. Four weeks free Pet Plan Insurance was also included with welcome puppy pack. All health certificates for mum and dad were provided which boast fantastic results. We offer this for all of our litters.

This really was an exceptional litter of Genuine Pure Authentic Australian Labradoodles as the pictures below show.



Please Do Not Contact us, We have No Litters Available for the Foreseeable Future. Thank You

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Our beautiful Australian Labradoodle came to us last January. From first meeting our puppy with her mother and siblings in Vicky and Jonnie's home we could not have been more impressed with the care and attention given to the puppies as they were prepared for their new homes. Throughout their first 8 weeks we were kept up to date with their progress by videos from Vicky. Every detail of the puppies' development had been thoroughly thought through including getting them used to noises like the hoover and being handled. All the appropriate vet checks, microchips etc were done and Tori came with a welcome pack which included a toy that we have given her a couple of weeks earlier so that it would have the smell of her siblings on it and help ease her transition to us. Since her arrival with us Vicky has continued to be available and is always ready to answer any queries and advise on anything we might be concerned about from grooming to chew bars. Vicky and Jonnie have been amazing. They genuinely care about their puppies and the homes that they are going to. We could not have asked for our puppy to have had a better start in life nor for us to have better prepared to receive our beautiful new puppy. If you are thinking of getting an Australian Labradoodle, we cannot recommend Vicky and Jonnie highly enough.

Anne & Rob Davey


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Vicky Dyer
Oxted - Kent & Surrey border

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